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  1. My treatment was done at a place called “Youthful Images” in Gainesville, Fl. The lady who did it, Hope Mason doesn’t work there anymore..conveniently one month after my complaint to the fl dep of health went from the investigational to the prosecution dep. Somebody from there visited the location once and did nothing . Case was closed and I wasn’t even notified. Nothing happened, not even a fine. So either the laws in Florida are still bad or the people at the dep of health are being paid to do nothing. The doc who runs the place, Dr. James Destephans used to let Hope perform the treatments and she did mine. When I called the next day was told I had to wait until Hope was in town to talk to her. No option to talk to the doc and the next week when I called again and left a message and Hope called back and I asked for the doc, I was told he was out of town at his sons graduation and he would call but he never did so after waiting few more days I sent an email to the company site and also the doc as I then found his personal email on the dep of health website. Now he acts like I didn’t try to talk to him at all and waited a whole 9 days… Like I can do anything about him being out if town which he conveniently doesn’t mention. He prob wasn’t even in town when she treated me..
    They have a lot of bad reviews that talk about Hope and how terrible she is and how she even talks about the need to be greedy in life. She and the doc really are scum of the earth…funny how all the bad reviews are “not recommended” by yelp…those are the ones that should be read so that people can save themselves from a lifetime of regret.

    Some of the reviews of this place that were originally filtered and now under their non-recommended heading :

    She told me that she has treated a lot of people with my skin tone and they had amazing including her children. She gave me 5 min to upgrade my group-on to several areas and told me I would never get that deal again and told me to make a decision before she walked towards the room . I made the worst decision of my life in those 5 min I thought I was getting a deal . I originally only paid for the underarms. The group on never said you could do other locations, it stated the opposite. This was their private deal on the side that group on didn’t get money for..one that you don’t know about ahead if time. If I had know i prob would have done some research and NOT have upgraded and prob not have gone at all. I picked underarms originally bc I figured even if you developed a scar there it wouldn’t really matter . I didn’t know about all this other stuff being possible . Once I bought it all I was already in, so I didn’t look it up then bc I had already made the decision and there was no backing out. I just asked one question about sterility which she couldn’t answer so I had to ask her to ask the doc and email me back. The only reason I thought to ask that was bc of treating the bikini area and bc I knew that ideal images used stuff. But this place didn’t so I had some doubts about the decency of this place but only after I bought it and reflected back on how Hope conned me into upgrading by giving me only 5 min to decide. She also told me she had a medical background and treated her daughters and also brown skinned people. Since it was owned by a doctor I had no reason to believe I would be in any real danger.. Not until she ignored my fearful questions about the burning light that I could see and feel during the procedure. She had me sitting up when she moved on the the underarms and jawline and had the laser pointing up from my jaw. So the light had to have gone through my jaw and to my corneas that way, not through the glasses..that is why it didn’t matter that I has glasses on bc the light didn’t come through the goggles..the settings were prob too high. At ideal image they always had you lie down when they treated the face. This lady was in a rush and didn’t care how she got it done as long as I was out in 15 min. She rushed throughout the whole thing and didn’t listen to me when I tried to tell her what area I didn’t want treated for the Brazilian. She just started zapping away. When she treated the jaw and I felt pain and saw bright intense light she ignored me while I yelled out and asked a bunch of fearful questions . That is how depraved she is…you dont need medical training to act like a human being at least. Even if she didn’t think it was possible to injure the eyes..you would think that one would stop and see what was up when the person you are treating is yelling out to you in fear and discomfort asking questions over and over again. She just yelled at me to shut my eyes and kept going. I yelled out that they were shut but she didn’t care. I was scared and didn’t know what else to do bc yelling out didn’t help so I finally gave up and hoped to god that everything would turn out ok..but it didn’t turn out ok. Some aspects had improved but not all and no further improvements recently and it will be 2 years soon….

    Do you have a good lawyer as you are also in Florida?

    • I am sorry about what has happened to you. For a lawyer to look at you case you have to be able to prove damage in some way as in another doctor has to examine you and determine that the procedure you had done harmed you. It has to be kind of obvious in Florida to run a case. The light cannot travel very far through the skin, only up to 5-6mm so the light cannot reach your eyes from through your skin. The goggles have to be secure though. Treating without eye protection, treating with improper eye protection, or treating too close to the eyes can all cause eye damage and is documented as such. You will need to find out what machine and technology was used on you.

      What symptoms are you having?

  2. I am not sure of exact device but one email mentions manufacturer being Palomar. No one else has ever had eye damage with use not close to eye. I am probably the first. If it travels only few cm through skin I don’t know how I was exposedz I read on one if your blogs that you are to turn down setting around bony area and the jaw is very bony. The glasses may have not been snug but not sure. All I know is that there was intense deep red bright light that I could see and feel and she ignored me when I yelled out. She could have checked to see of glasses were snug and why I was seeing more then a normal amount of light. But chose to yell back and didn’t. Also there is no way one begins to have bizarre eye symptoms within 6 hours and fully changed within 24 hours and later find abnormal nerve patterns and continued symptoms and it not be related. Symptoms are light sensitivity. Can’t tolerate fluorescent light at all or sunlight and extreme dry eye feeling requiring lubricants almost every 20 min. On Restasis, was on doxy, now also on serum tears . Steroids were effective initially but we didn’t want to use those long term. Compared to first few months there had been sig improvement in light sensitivity but still wear sunglasses at work due to heavy lighting. Dry eyes still horrible. I don’t know how to prove it or find a lawyer willing to take the case. It has affected my qol. My doc is going to write a case report on me and does think IPL caused this. But for the notice in med malpractice the med expert has to be in the same field as the doc who did this. The lady who did this was nothing but who she worked for is some doc with an internal med background who doesn’t practice as a real doc , just operates this spa to make money. We can get a dermatologist, plastic surgeon, or any provider that has used machine to comment on standard of care but I do not know if they violated that part. I had goggles on…they say I had the right goggles on but who knows. Not like I could prove otherwise. I def don’t trust them to tell the truth given he lied and said I didn’t contact them until 9 days later…I called several times but he was out if town..he says I could have stopped her..when you are sitting there and it the middle of it and scared and yelling..she should have stopped and listened to me. I was in shock . I should have yelled At her to stop but didn’t . I just kept complaining and explaining and she kept ignoring me. I was scared and felt I had no way out. Now I wish I got up and made her stop. Do you know if it is written anywhere that you should be lying down when treating the face or is that just something people do? She had me sitting up for the procedure. Thanks


    • If the glasses were not glasses approved for IPL light or they didn’t fit properly you can have eye damage. Your symptoms are similar to a few others that have had IPL and then subsequent eye problems. i’m glad you have a doctor writing a case report on this. That is huge. From my research, the doctor can be a plastic or derm or any other that is an expert in that area. You might be able to get an ocular test done called a confocal microscopy. It looks at the nerves of the cornea -if that is the issue. It is at university hospitals, not regular doctors offices. You can have this treatment sitting or lying down. It won’t matter.

      • I did have a confocal done and it showed increased nerve density in the superficial corneas of both eye and what looks like sensory bulges in the right eye. Abnormal nerve patterns compared to normal eyes. This is what IPL did. Hard to say what that really means. Doc is hopefully maybe one day nerves will regenerate ok but seems like if increased they have regenerated funny.. Not sure, not many people understand this type of thing it seems. And most nerve damage doesn’t just go away so who knows…at this point I prob have no case . The Florida laws are really bad. Really really bad. They are not for the people but instead to protect even the bad scumbags like Dr. James B. Destephens that use their medical Liscence for unsafe treatments vs practicing evidence based medicine. The Florida dep of health doesn’t care about it’s people either by allowing a compensated psychopath like him get away without any punishment when it’s so obvious he let his clinic be run by an unlicensed person which is clearly illegal per the Fl statutes. But if the fl dep of health won’t do anything then who will. This type of thing is truly buyer beware. You have to protect yourself, because no one else will especially if you live in Florida. I wish I knew that and did my homework before going to this place and I hope we can save others from making the same mistake by reading your blog. I have to say I didn’t find your blog easily. I don’t remember what I had googled but I scrolled through many google pages before I stumbled upon it. I wish it would show up earlier so more people can be warned and more injuries prevented.

        • If your doctor needs another case study, let me know. I have my confocal photos and had zero issue with my eyes before this procedure. It’s such a crime. It’s truly wonderful that you have a doctor who is willing to do a case study. That means once it’s published, others will know that this can happen and does.

          I don’t know how to make this blog show up more easily. Of course you can pay to have your webpage in an ad but that becomes very expensive very quickly. If you have suggestion on how to make it show up more easily please let me know.

          • Good information. Please take a look at the website http://www.illegalmedspa.com. We have laws in the state of Oregon but the state has the option not to enforce the law. I’ve been fighting with the state because anyone can open a medspa in the state of Oregon and purchase a laser online through Ebay.

  3. Ill have to find out if he wrote the study, I don’t really ask him about it. He took regular pictures of my eyes at some point which could be used I suppose. Interestingly we just redid my confocal exams. Still have increased nerve density in both eyes but could not see the bulges which could have been sensory ganglion in the right eye that were there before. Of course there are 100s of pictures
    of the cornea that are being take so hard to compare when it might not be the same part. However possible improvement . Nerves can recover come so still keeping my offers crossed. I have had improvent of both light sensitivity and dryness for the first part of the day since starting the serum tears few months ago. I read somewhere that they might possibly help with nerve regeneration so in my personal opinion, I think that if this happens to others, it would be good to try to get on serum tears ASAP. I didn’t get started on them for about a year and a half.
    Who knows if earlier treatment could help more than later treatment, sounds plausible. I still have sig issues but compared to the misery of the first 6mo- year it is much improved. As far as fighting to get stricter laws, I am all for it. At some point maybe we can get a group large enough to make that happen. But it’s hard as we all live in different states. What about news coverage? That seems like it could be an angle to get people more informed. That could be doable if there were multiple people willing to share their stories.

  4. http://www.realself.com

    For the last month I’ve been getting support from a website http://www.realself.com. This was the first place I learned that others were having real issues with Fraxel Dot. Previous to getting Fraxel laser, unfortunately, all I’d read about on the internet was that it was less invasive than surgery. Now I feel stupid, because obviously, I didn’t look hard enough. I will post this site on realself so that we can have a community for support and hopefully for advice regarding cure/treatment/litigation and other possibilities. There are sooooo many Youtube videos about how great these treatments are and how there is so little “down time”. What a joke. Except, I’m not laughing. It has been almost 6 months and my face still hurts like there is a bad sunburn, on top of the scarring that will never go away. I don’t understand how my doctor, in Dunedin Florida, supposedly has so many successes. She claims that it is my poor immune system and blames it all on me. Thanks for nothing.

    I had poor vision in one of my eyes, for 6 weeks after she leaned over my face/body to get to the other side of my face. There are huge areas that she missed and areas that have a 1/4 inch wide groove that goes from my eye to my chin. I go from being mad at myself, to embarrassed, to angry at them. I’m stuck back here and she has “privileges” at the hospital. She will do this again. She has absolutely no empathy or compassion.

  5. My under eyes look exactly like yours! But my entire face has also been affected because I had under eyes and face done. I noticed the difference in texture at the time and of course was told such damage/result was scientifically not possible. It was such a comfort finding your site. I’ve been looking through different tabs on your page but haven’t run across anything recent. How are things? How have you been? Have you found anything that works for you? Claudia

  6. Sorry, just found a May post in Fat Atrophy! Hope you’re doing well and have found something that helps!

  7. Reading through your postings I feel you have a lot of knowledge about laser settings and damage. I have etched lines and pin prickly indentations from a single IPL for rosacea in 2008. I flew all the way from Georgia to Arizona to go to a laser guru that had been on several TV shows. I don’t know what settings were used but he made 3 passes on my entire face and it hurt extremely bad. I started noticing lines within a week and he actually came right out and said it could be fat atrophy but with the distance I just did my own research and learned from others. So to the point. My rosacea has progressed to a point where the tradeoff is difficult but I’m strongly considering another IPL. I’m thinking about a single pass on low settings to see if I can slowly reverse some of my permanent redness. The IPL was the Luminus One. What do you think about maybe trying another IPL machine on very low settings? Thanks for any advice.

    • I would not risk it. The side effect potential is not worth it. IPL works about the same on any machine. It’s still works by damaging the skin.

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