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  1. Was completely damaged by laser guru in lajolla, California. Fat atrophy full face, textural changes now eye hollowing and eye pain with movement. Cell enriched fat-grafting has healed fat atrophy and pain in face. Consulting oculoplastic surgeon about orbital fat grafting for upper and lower eyes. NEVER do a laser…I learned the hard way and went the world renowned Fitzpatrick in LaJolla. Important info about him….his quote to me, “I always go high” on settings…other doctors say “he pushes the limits”….you decide if it is worth it.

      • I wish I had fat grafting. It’s risky so I decided not to do it. Best of luck if you do it!

        • Have you tried fillers to help w/the fat loss?
          Also, you mentioned you travelled to find an ocular specialist. Can you give their name and the machine they used? Thanks

          • I was told not to try fillers for at least a year and afterwards that it would be risky with the thinner skin from the damage. Unfortunately fat transfers are very unpredictable and not recommended by most doctors for the under eye area. Are you asking about what machine was used in my treatment or what machines they used to examine my eyes? They can determine cornea ocular nerve damage from a confocal microscopy machine. They have one at University of Chicago, Mass Eye and Ear, UCLA and most larger teaching university hospitals.

  2. I too, experienced the same loss of fat, scarring and discoloration. No one ever discloses the potential for fat loss. I feel so mislead and don’t have the funds for fat grafting. 🙁 Where is the integrity with the practitioners? Run, don’t do laser!

    • Do you know what machine was used on you? It seems some are much worse than others.

  3. I’m at two months out from an IPL photofacial treatment that left me with holes riddling my jawline and chin area. I’ve loss of volume in my brows and around my eye giving me a very sad expression. I’ve a depression line through the middle of my left cheek and a flattened appearance at the sides and under my eyes. Both cheeks have deflated along with my chin which just sort of hangs there dimpled and coarse looking. I’ve a large depression running from the right side of my nose down over the corner of my mouth, down the side of my chin and up under my chin. At first I noticed only one hole covered by thinning skin but now there popping up all over. The skin over these holes is changing, getting more porous, rough and reddish.
    I look at pictures taken just prior to the IPL and I look like I’ve aged 20 years in 2 mos. I don’t know how much worse it may get.
    The day before yesterday I woke up and the other side of my chin now has a large depressed area matching the right side. I’m all wrinkly since my skin is now just an empty bag. Deep lines surround my mouth and my lips are (not so slowly) disappearing into a single fleshy line turning down at the corners. My chin now has a matching line from the loss of volume and a deep depression down the center.
    I’m looking into fat grafting. Seems that’s the only option? And even that seems deeply flawed. (Open to any other info or treatment available).
    I’ve stopped socializing. I stay in all day. I’m scared that I’ll become so deformed I won’t be able to show my face in public. I’m very depressed.
    I’d welcome information on a live chat room?? Anyone??
    I don’t feel like I have anyone in my life I can talk to. They say “Does it really matter?” “True beauty comes from within!” or “Stop worrying about it!” or “It’s all in your head!” And many more!
    What they mean is that it doesn’t matter to them! And, I really don’t want to hear it! Or this scares me and I just want you to go away!
    What would they say if it was happening to them? Gee, I may look terrifying but hey, I’m beautiful on the inside and that’s all that matters right?
    I think it’d be a very different story for them.

      • About the same unfortunately. I’ve learned to cope with the pain and avoid activities that hurt my eyes, which is a lot but that’s life. I wish it had turned out differently.

  4. ‘m going through the same thing. Home treatment about 8 months ago.. Didn’t notice anything except for a small dent above my eyebrow… I dismissed it. then but I did another about 7 weeks ago. I immediately noticed veins popping under one eye. Then very quickly my eyes began to sink & eye shape has changed. They have become smaller .. Especially in one eye. Eyebrow ha s indentations & fat loss. Droopy eyelids. & my cheeks completely flat. A significant change in very short amount of time. Literally within minutes of treatment I read all these awful effects.. I’m so devistated I did it to myself. From reading all this… I had a shocking realization..something that I had completely forgotten about… 3 years ago I had Botox & I hated the results.. The person who did it told me to go in for a treatment to help “dissipate” the joker face smile effect I hated… She used a heating machine all over my lower face.. I had no clue what kind of machine it was.. She just said it would help soften the Botox.. Which I know now is complete BS. .3 months later I was unrecognizable. I was at a complete loss as to what was happening to my face. I kept researching Botox because I thought that was the culprit. Never did I even think of or remember the “heat machine” she used… my friends & family urged me to go to a doctor because they thought id had a stroke. I was going through an extremely stressful time in my life due to family problems so all these years I just Accepted what happened as stress related. It was only a couple of weeks ago that I have come to believe that this woman must have used radio frequency on my face without my knowledge. Ever since then I was on a mission to “fix” my face. So I bought tons of gadgets ..It did improve. I did get volume back. But I also gained 25 lbs. But my face shape did not ever look the same. Prior I had always had a very round full face. & I was pretty. Now, I have gone & damaged my face all over again, this time the eye area too. If I had known the effects I suffered 3 years ago were from Rf, I would have never purchased this machine. I’m so scared. I got some fillers & they helped but I think my eyes are still sinking as they are getting smaller & changing shape. I’ve gone once for accupuncture facial. I Don’t see any difference. I don’t know what to do.

  5. Had Titan on forehead and brow line. She also went underneath brow. Titan is infrared – anyone with experience here – experiencing shrunken eyes? Any advice would be great .

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