7 thoughts on “What Happened to Me

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your experience. Did you experience swelling that never went down? My reaction started 2 weeks after treatment (eye pain, dryness and tightness) as well as extreme tightness in my cheeks. I remain swollen and my eyes look like peep holes. I’m still swollen where the laser was used. Of course my “highly regarded” plastic surgeon said I must have a sinus infection as he’s never heard of this before. As if it’s not painful enough to look in the mirror my eyes are constantly bothering me. My family doesn’t understand and is telling me to hit delete on all this. We are in Ontario, Canada and are trying to pursue a case. Eye protection was also not used, even though I asked. I also smelled burning and was told its just a hair. I told him I could tolerate it anymore but he kept going. Where in the release did I sign up for all of that?

    • So you need to get information on what treatment you had, which laser (brand and model). Eye protection is a must! To pursue a case, you need good before and after pictures and more information. I’m sorry this has happened to you. Lasers are very destructive. And the reaction from the plastic surgeon is unreal. Is there another doctor that you can follow up with? Be warned, many don’t want involved.

  2. If you don’t mind me asking, how old was you when you started this procedure? Most of the pictures you don’t look too bad so it’s hard to see how much it’s aged you

  3. I feel bad for your ‘friends’ in these pictures. I hope they gave you permission to put up these pictures with the titles you have given them. …Even for comparison purposes, it’s not cool that you comment on their looks in a negative light.

    • they are all good friends and aware they are on this page but i understand your concern.

  4. …ps sorry that you are having to deal with this adverse post treatment issue. I hope that your research for a cause/treatment is successful.

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